An enrichment program for 2, 3 & 4 year olds
in Silver Spring, Maryland

301 - 681 - 9520
801 University Blvd, West, Silver Spring, MD 20901

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Opportunities

Like all schools, 4CCN depends on the help of parents to make the program a success. We hope you will be available to volunteer for at least one of the jobs listed below. Please contact the school office with your availability.

  • All families (or an adult representative of the family) will be required to do a minimum of 4 volunteer hours at both the spring and the fall consignment sale.
  • Snack Apportionner (count out snack items for all students on the day your child attends school)
  • Room Parent (work with the Director in planning annual BBQ, end-of-the year picnic, and other community activities)
  • Substitute Teaching (assistant in classroom, with a regular teacher, for one who needs to be out)
  • Scholastic Book Coordinator (distribute literature, place orders, sort books and distribute to classrooms)
  • Repair Persons (do minor repairs, as needed, in classrooms and on the playground)
  • Board of Directors (The Board is composed of teachers, parents & Director to discuss ideas, concerns and make decisions concerning nursery policy. Meetings are usually two times per year.)
  • Gardener – Help maintain flower garden on playground.
  • IT/Technical Support (help office staff with occasional computer questions)
  • Newsletter ( reproduce monthly newsletter)